We supply bonsai in ceramic pots and accessories for promotional gifts and events.


Bonsai in ceramic pots to your requirements which can be a single or mixed species of tree. A specified size, shape and colour of ceramic pot. Also your Company logo can be glazed on or vinyl applied.
Customised "Care Instructions" and Gift cards etc.


Click on Products - Category - Commercial Bonsai, or for accessories search other categories.

Order requirements:

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Order quantity:

Less than 10 bonsai choice from stock on hand.
In excess of 10, bonsai will be created/customised to your requirements. Accessories, eg Bonsai tools, Chinese figurines etc. choice from stock on hand.

Delivery Time:

Less than 10 items, 1 to 3 days.
More than 10 items, two to three weeks according to quantity.